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This site is maintained by Sherie Peterson and Elwin Kelsey.

Food matters.  One day the media reports don't eat eggs or butter.  Then it says eat more eggs and butter.  Is red meat good or bad?  Is there really excess tryptophan in turkey?  

Each year, in North America, over $50 billion is spent on diet products.  But which is the best diet?  There have been about 23,000 diets since the 1920's.  Is the latest miracle diet the one that works?

Despite urban legends, scientists have pretty solid evidence about what is constitutes healthy diets and health risks.

Since 2013, to update their nutrition and agriculture knowledge, Sherie and Elwin participated in massive online open university classes.Their favorite nutrition classes are the three course series offered by Wageningen University (Netherlands) and Food for Thought offered by McGill University (Montreal).

They don't expect anyone to accept them as the ultimate authority on any topic.  Each page includes the sources for that particular page, so readers can verify the validity of the information.

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