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HHS and USDA Information

HHS/USDA: What are the recommended food patterns (dietary guidelines)?
Every 5 years, scientists review the evidence & update the guidelines. The food groups fit together, like pieces of a puzzle, to provide the recommended nutrients.This infograph contains the recommended serving sizes for each food group (rev 2/1/17)

NIH: What is the ideal weight (BMI)? (rev 1/17)

NIH: What endurance exercises are suggested? (rev 1/17)

NIH: What strength-building exerices are suggested? (rev 1/17)

NIH: What flexibility-enhacing exercises are suggested? (rev 1/17)

Bite-size stories behind the facts

The path to the dietary guidelines and food patterns

How do scientists know the nutrients and other substances in food? (rev 2/1/17)

What are the DRI (Dietary Reference Intakes)? (added 1/17)

How do scientists know the ideal nutrient levels to include in the DRI? (added 1/17)

How are the food patterns (dietary guidelines) developed? (added 1/17)

Where do scientists look for reliable research information? (added 1/17)

The path to the weight (BMI) guidelines

How do scientists determine the ideal weight(BMI?  (rev 1/17)


Is granulated sugar healthier than high fructose corn syrup?  (rev 1/17)

How is fructose different from glucose?  (rev 1/17)

Does sugar make children hyperactive or increase alertness? (rev 1/17)

Is saccharin safe? (Sweet N Low sugar E1954 (rev 1/17)

Is asparatame safe? (Nutrisweet/Equal sugar E951) (rev 1/17)

Is sucralose safe? (an artificial sweetener) (rev 1/17)


How are proteins (links of amino acids) combined? (added 1/17)


Why is dairy important?

How does the milk get from the cow to the store? (added 2/2/17)

How do the nutrients in milks compare?

Harvard. Calcium and Milk (added 2/3/17)

Harvard. Calcium: What's Best for Your Bones and Health? (added 2/3/17)


Why is vitamin B12 important?(added 1/29/17)
[B12 is found only in some animal products and fortified cereals.]


The link between gut microbes and colon cancer (MedlinePlus)(added 2/1/17)


Mutagenesis by radiation - red grapefruit (rev 1/17)

Mutagenesis by chemicals - watermelon (rev 1/17)

The path to food safety

The historical path to food safety (added 1/17)

How useful is animal research? (added 1/17)

What do the date labels mean? (added 1/10/17)


Is eating breakfast important for weight-management?  (rev 1/17)

Links to HHS

USDA Food Composition Database

MedlinePlus "Sleep and Your Health"

NIH "Sleep and Aging"

CDC Test Your Knowlege about the Flu Vaccine
[A link to the CDC website]

CDC What vaccines do you need?

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